Sertifikat Agreement

You have the right to terminate the contract at any time without further justification. The RS requirements are the requirements of RS rules, international conventions and agreements, recommendations from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), governments that have granted RS authorization and additional requirements. The customer relationship is long until one of the parties terminates the contract or ends as a result of a change of status in the Norwegian National Register (DSF). As a customer, you have the right to approve substantial changes to this agreement. We collect and process your personal data in accordance with the obligations of the Personal Data Act, as long as the agreement is applicable. In accordance with applicable rules regarding the use of our services, we are also required to keep your data for a period after the termination of the customer relationship. Then we will delete the information, unless the law requires us to keep it longer. If you violate the terms of the contract as a customer, Buypass is allowed to terminate the contract with immediate effect. Buypass has the right to suspend, if necessary, the benefits offered as part of the contractual relationship.

Identity fraud and falsification of documents or attempts at the same level are still considered essential offences and can be reported to the police. This is an agreement between you, as the customer and Buypass AS (organisational number 983163327) and Buypass Payment AS (organisational number 980932753), as “Buypass”. The contract applies to the application and use of Buypass`s Electronic Identification (eID), either by Buypass directly or by one of our distributors. eID is provided at different levels of insurance and through different means, such as smart card, password and unique or mobile authorization codes. Buypass disclaims liability for any losses you may suffer as a customer if you use eID or any other service contrary to the terms of this Agreement. The following countries participate in trade agreements using EUR.1: The use of your eID and the services governed by this Agreement is your responsibility. If there is no agreement, the parties can apply to the courts for a settlement. The Oslo District Court will be the court.