Mcps Negotiated Agreement

Yesterday, we presented our latest counter-proposal to the MCPS to try to reach preliminary agreements (SAAs) on all the points that remain on the negotiating table. Here are some highlights of our counter-proposal. See the document here: Planning time: We have proposed a way to implement changes in time in order to give educators more autonomy in the way we do. Despite months of discussions and a month-long extension, the Montgomery County Education Association — the county teachers` union — failed to agree on a new contract, so the Maryland Public School Labor Relations Board intervened to mediate. At its meeting on Thursday, the governing board unanimously voted to continue its current contract with the teachers` union, minus pay increases, until a new agreement or until the end of September, whichever happens first. First day of mediation Yesterday, the MCEA Contract Bargaining Team spent 14 hours making formal mediation efforts to agree with MCPS on a two-year contract. The process began with a clarification of the issues and interests of both the union and management. At the end of the evening, the parties still have marked differences. MCEA, MCPS Select Mediator Last week, the MCEA and MCPS agreed to engage Joshua M. Javits, Esq., as Mediator in order to end our current impasse in contract negotiations. We are now working to identify the periods of this work and we hope to be able to start shortly. How the mediation process works to bring the parties to an agreement,. In 1998, MCEA and the Montgomery County Council negotiated and signed a new collective agreement that changed labour relations within Montgomery County Public Schools.

A year earlier, MCEA had proposed for the first time the application of an interest-rate-based negotiation process. Following an agreement by the Board of Directors of Education (although divided, 4-3 votes), the parties turned to Conflict Management Inc. (an extension of Harvard`s negotiating project) for training and moderation. The following year, after a thorough and tedious process, a radically new contract was approved by an overwhelming majority by both the Education Board and MCEA members, and as a result, the work management partnership, which continues to this day, was approved by an overwhelming majority. What is deadlock? The impasse is a formal process to resolve negotiations if the employer and union do not reach an agreement. Public School Labor Relations Board (PSLRB) Impasse Procedure Graphic Why are we in the process? Over the past nine months, including a 31-day contract extension, we have negotiated with MCPS to make improvements. When the Montgomery County Public Schools Board of Education met Thursday afternoon, teachers expressed concerns about the failure of collective bargaining while “speaking up.” SickPersonalLeaveFactSheet – This fact sheet provides an overview of the contract provisions that govern the use of sick leave and personal leave. “At a time of national social upheaval and awakening to the urgency of action, we are deeply disappointed that MCPS has rejected our serious efforts to address systemic inequalities in our schools,” said Jennifer Martin, Vice President of MCEA. According to Jeter, the lack of accountability in teacher internships creates a system of inequality that has led to black, brown, and low-income students being disproportionately taught by beginning teachers. . .