Ryerson Residence Agreement

Submit a screenshot, photo or other document as proof of payment for a residency tax to make sure it arrives on time. Please note that 99% of the rooms in the residence are designated as single rooms. Five selected floors in the residence have been dedicated to living learning communities. They are all sexist and aim to promote the bond between students by bringing them together on the basis of personal interests and academic aspirations. If you know one or more people who have been accepted into Ryerson and would like to apply as a roommate, you can create a group of roommates in the Residency Application System (eRezLife) by following these instructions: No. The issue of gender identity in the application for residence is voluntary. If you don`t want to identify your gender, you don`t need to. We understand that there are circumstances that could cause you to withdraw from your home. We are here to support you and advise you to contact your Residence Advisor, Academic Link or Residence Life Facilitator for assistance. Submit a request for proof of address/proof of residence as official proof that you live/have lived in your home.

Please note that the withdrawal fee of USD 400.00 is currently waived on the basis of COVID-19. You can ask for up to three roommates in a group of roommates. Note that all members of the group of requested roommates must receive an offer of accommodation in the first round of supply in order for the request to be met. Submit an application for a stay at La RĂ©sidence beyond the authorized period indicated in your residence agreement. Lag 99% of the rooms in the residence are single, but 85% of the single rooms (DCC and Pitman Hall apartments, semi-detached and single rooms) share a laundry room with other rooms. Single rooms usually share the laundry room between 2 and 5 people. Students may request an exemption from their financial responsibility for academic, medical or compassionate reasons. You must submit your application at the same time as the withdrawal form and you have left your residence. You must also provide proof of support with your application.

The residence agreement is a legal document that you must read and sign before moving into the residence. It contains important information about the place of residence, such as withdrawal, semi-annual and withdrawal dates, application deadlines and instructions, as well as fee deadlines….