Sears Repair Protection Agreement Terms And Conditions

A Sears Home warranty is a unique protection plan that covers multiple devices and systems in your home, regardless of the old brand or where they were purchased.¹ There is no age limit for products and unknown medical history is covered. If we cannot repair your product, we will replace it¹ For each of the three plans, you can increase protection for the following items: The Sears Protection Agreement covers manufacturer defects, normal wear and tear, and cosmetic defects. With this agreement, customers benefit from an unlimited warranty service and not a deductible. “On 5.09.2019, my older dryer was repaired by a sears Home Warranty repairer. He was current, very professional and knowledgeable. He did this job in no time, and my old dryer is almost new. Thank you very much!!! — Judy F., 7 years old. February 2020 If you own a home, you shouldn`t have to worry about the costs of repairing or replacing important systems and appliances that keep your home running smoothly. The best way to be reassured is to buy a home warranty. Read on to learn how a Sears device warranty can protect your home. 1 Full details can be found in the terms and conditions and restrictions.

Covered items must be in good condition at the time of activation. Uncovered fees may be charged for some repairs and replacements. The prices of the plan may be subject to VAT. Coverage may vary from one Land to another. Sears Home Warranty is not available in Alaska and Puerto Rico. If you are in Hawaii, call 1-844-602-5613 to register. Sign up for offers and tips on all Sears Home Services offerings, including appliance repair, DIYers, DIY repair parts, home warranties and more. All covered repairs come with a treatment guarantee Yes, you can terminate this agreement by calling the sears Protection Agreement office at 1-800-827-6655. When home warranty coverage begins, your home warranty provider takes care of repairs and replacements when a system or appliance collapses on normal wear and tear. In the event of a breakdown, your warranty provider sends an authorized technician, previously verified, to repair or replace the part, and you are responsible for paying the set service fee (usually 75 to 125 $US). Direct access to a local network of trusted repair professionals In general, home warranties cover important systems and equipment that are down due to normal wear and tear. If the item was in good condition at the time of waste, the home warranty should cover all repair and replacement costs, as described in the contract.

“I had a problem with my Kenmore refrigerator and contacted Sears Home Repair Services for on-site repair. The technician not only solved the problem, but he also clearly explained the cause. I am very satisfied with this service. Melita J., March 19, 2020 Help avoid the high cost of unexpected repairs Sears Home Services, the department of Sears that offers warranty plans and repair services, offers a total of three plans: the Application Plan, the System Plan, and the Whole House Plan. . . .