Beginners Workshops

Friday 18th Sept 7:00 pm UK time
Free online Beginners’ Pipe and Tabor Workshop with Andy Richards
Pipe and tabor is a super and fun instrument for dance, just as it was in the earliest morris we know about in the 15th and 16th centuries, or in the 17th century when we get the earliest reference to a Cotswold morris tradition. Here is a fun video of Hunt the Squirrel:
Our session will be extremely friendly, supportive and collaborative, and there will be a lot of laughing as we encourage each other to learn together. We will use tabor pipes in high D such as the Generation, available from the Taborers Society Price; £9.95 including postage for UK orders) here:
We will have fun holding and manipulating a tabor pipe, a stick or stick-like object such as a wooden spoon held in your leading hand*, and hitting a tabor or some sort of percussion instrument (e.g. tambourine or disc of thick cardboard attached to your non-leading arm). We will enjoy very slowly learning a super morris tune Beaux of London City in D,  Slow &   Fast which is in the Beginners Workshop Videos on our You Tube channel. You can see the fingers and get used to the tune. We will do some stepping to help internalise the rhythm.
Here’s a tip: if you find a high D tabor pipe a bit loud sometimes, I will show how to experiment with covering with a blob of Blutack about half of the windway (the window facing forward that the player blows air across to hit the fipple)- this should reduce the volume a bit…
If you would like to attend via Zoom, please let Andy Richards know at  

Please note that in Zoom you can set your display name to a polite nickname if you wish. Your email address will not be revealed to others. 
The possibilities are fabulous!
*For example, if you are left handed like Ollie Simons, you will want to hold your stick in your left hand.
Meanwhile if 18th Sept is not convenient, the Taborers Society runs beginners workshops from time to time.

The Beginners Workshop videos on our You Tube channel features the tunes that we use in our workshops.  You can see the fingers and get used to the tune.

Beginners Workshop Videos