Fta Cooperative Agreement

The FTA`s Public Transportation Program (49 U.S.C 5312) authorizes FTAs to provide grants or enter into contracts, cooperation agreements, and other agreements for research, development, demonstration, and provision projects, as well as the evaluation of research and technology of national importance for public transportation, which the Minister of Transport notes will improve public transport. The applicant assures that, when implementing a project supported by the FTA grant, it will comply with all federal laws, regulations, implementing regulations, FTA circulars and other administrative requirements of the Confederation. Saxony acknowledges that it remains obliged to comply with the conditions of the grant agreement granted to its project with the ESTV. The applicant understands that federal laws, regulations, directives and administrative practices may be amended from time to time and influence the implementation of the project. The applicant agrees that the most recent federal requirements apply to the project, unless the ESTV reaches a written agreement. The applicant must provide certifications and assurances prior to receiving a grant if they have not received updated certifications. In response to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy`s Memorandum of 22 February 2013 entitled “Increasing Access to the Results of Federally Funded Scientific Research”, the Ministry is integrating public access requirements into all grants (grants and cooperation agreements) for scientific research. A key part is essential to the project approved by the ESTV and is therefore entitled to a non-competitive award by the lead company to provide the goods or services described in the application. The participation of a key party in a selected project cannot be replaced at a later date without the agreement of the ESTV. For-profit companies can participate in teams; However, beneficiaries and sub-recipients of funding under this Programme may not receive a fee or benefit from the FTA Research Programme. ITDCA provides a forum for consultation-oriented discussions, cooperation and possible agreements on a wide range of trade issues, with a particular focus on customs and trade facilitation, technical barriers to trade, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, and trade and investment promotion.