Shanghai Cooperation Organization Agreement In The Field Of International Information Security

Taking into account the threats referred to in Article 2 of this Agreement, the Contracting Party, its authorised representatives and the competent national authorities designated under Article 5 of this Agreement shall cooperate in the field of international information security in the following main orientations: 14. Coordination of positions within international organizations and forums to solve problems related to the guarantee of international information This is the first time I have the SOZ expert group with the aim of coordinating information security efforts in the digital space. The dissemination of extremist ideology and propaganda, including the public justification of terrorism as a means of incitement to commit terrorist acts, was particularly dangerous in the current circumstances. In this context, the SSF will intensify its joint efforts to counter social radicalisation that leads to the manifestation of the worst forms of extremism, including terrorism, especially among young people. We are also taking measures to prevent religious, ethnic, ideological and political extremism, ethnic and racial intolerance and xenophobia. In addition to cooperation between law enforcement and judicial authorities, particular attention will be paid to strengthening the leading role of States in the fight against terrorism, separatism and extremism, as well as to the potential for voluntary and responsible contributions from civil society, including traditional religious organizations, educational and research institutions, the media and non-governmental organisations operating in the Member States of the CNT are, in accordance with their respective national legislation. Illegal drug production and trafficking remain one of the main security threats, undermining international peace and stability. .