Waterloo Police Collective Agreement

REGION OF WATERLOO – New five-year collective agreements require uniformed and civilian members of the Waterloo Regional Police Service to receive average annual salary increases of 2.14%. Region of Waterloo, Ontario – The Waterloo Regional Police Services Board has entered into an agreement with the Waterloo Regional Police Association (RPRA) for a five (5) year contract until the end of 2024. The association represents 19 uniformed members and 21 civilian employees. The previous collective agreement expired on December 31, 2019. The Waterloo Regional Police Services Board is a civilian oversight body that heads the Waterloo Regional Police Service. Under the Ontario Police Services Act, the Commission is responsible for providing appropriate and effective policing services to residents of Waterloo Region. There are 762 officers and 318 civilian workers on duty. Highlights of the amended agreement include: Taxpayers will spend $2.7 million per year on the long-term disability plan. “We are pleased to have reached a negotiated solution that recognizes the dedication and professional service of the members of the Senior Officers Association,” said Karen Redman, Chair of the Police Services Board. The five-year agreement focuses on improving the well-being of members and is consistent with other police agreements across Ontario. I would like to thank the members of the Board of Directors and the Association for their leadership and cooperation in advancing a successful agreement that will position the service well while advancing its commitment to modernizing the police force in Waterloo Region. In September, the Police Services Committee approved a new contract for the Waterloo Regional Police Association, which also saw an average annual salary increase of 2.14%.

over five years. The association represents 785 uniformed employees and 344 civilian employees. The 2021 budget was passed in January with a 2.9 percent increase in police spending, but the regional council also unanimously passed resolutions calling for police reform. REGION OF WATERLOO – Senior police and civilian staff will receive an average annual salary increase of 2.14% over the next five years. The agreement includes adjustments to members` benefits that support and improve members` well-being, she said. It also describes end-of-life pension benefits for all new employees and grandparenthood for existing members. They say that the insurer that provides the disability plan is better able to help public servants heal and return to work. The new plan also requires the police to replace a disabled officer for more than two years. “There are long-term benefits and they come at a price,” said Redman, who led the civilian police service.

It was approved by the police department on Friday. A police press release on Wednesday included a summary of the highlights of the agreement: Police employees ratified changes to their collective agreement on Monday. The police chief called a meeting on Friday to ratify the deal he negotiated. Egers and Waterloo Regional President Karen Redman argue that the changes will benefit taxpayers and police. MEPs voted in favour of the deal for a period of five days this month. This amended agreement contains several positive changes and measures to improve operational efficiency while improving the quality of life of waterloo Regional Police Service members. Under the new agreement, it will now take four years for a newly hired officer to obtain first-class constable status in the last three and a half years. The five-year agreement provides for a 2.5% salary increase effective January 1, 2020 and a 2.1% increase effective January 1, 2021. “Throughout the negotiations, the Commission wanted to ensure that wrPS remains a competitive police force that recruits, attracts and retains the best talent while negotiating and balancing the long-term viability of the service.” said CEO Karen Redman. “Strong working relationships are important in these challenging times, and I am very proud of the bargaining team and grateful for the waterloo Regional Police Association`s collaboration in advancing an agreement that is in the realm of other police regulations across the province,” said Vice-President Karl Kiefer, member of the bargaining team.

The previous agreements expired on 31 December 2019, with the new ones being extended until 31 December 2024. Union members ratified the agreements on Friday. “We are pleased to have reached a negotiated solution that recognizes the outstanding and valuable contributions of all members while providing opportunities to modernize policing and focus on sustainability while maintaining fiscal prudence,” said Karen Redman, Chair of the Police Services Board. “I am very pleased with the five-year agreement as it provides stability, the ability to forecast future operating budgets and allows us all to focus on our ongoing transformation of policing in Waterloo Region.” In response to the Black Lives Matter movement, several local groups and activists have called for millions of dollars from the police budget to be redistributed for social services and a community safety program. On Wednesday, the Waterloo Regional Police Services Board voted unanimously to ratify the collective agreement between the Commission and the Senior Officers` Association. “Members of this police service deserve to be paid at a level that reflects the professionalism and dedication of every member of the service,” he said. The contract for January 2015 at 31. January 2019 includes both police officers and civilian members. Negotiations on the next collective agreements will begin in 2020. Members voted in favour of the agreement for a period of five days, from 7 August 2019 to 11 August 2019. The amended agreement was presented and approved by the Waterloo Regional Police Services Board on Friday, August 16, 2019.

“We are happy to be five years old. It reflects other agreements across the province,” he said. We are pleased to have entered into this amended agreement and are confident that these changes will lead to positive and incremental change that will ensure that the Waterloo Regional Police Service is well positioned to meet the current and future needs of our community,” said Karen Redman, President of the Region of Waterloo. The agreement was ratified by members on Tuesday and approved by the board at a meeting on Wednesday. .