Early Music Workshop

Divisions with Stefan Dollak

Sunday 25th April 7pm

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Join Stefan Mark Dollak in a workshop devoted to playing extempore divisions on the pipe & tabor! The art of ‘division playing,’ also known as ‘variations on a theme’ is a tour-de-force of a musician’s expertise and inventiveness in the art of structured improvisation. Stefan will share some of his ideas, formulas, and techniques as he reveals this art form, and encourages players to develop their own individual styles.

Stefan Dollak explores this technique using the simple Playford Tune Goddesses.

Stefan began playing the pipe & tabor 30 years ago, in 1991. Since then, he has devoted most of his musical attention to this instrument, performing innumerable concerts, both as a solo artist and in ensemble, often in his early-music group Bartholomew Faire. Besides the traditional repertory of medieval and renaissance dance music, Morris, and English Country Dance, Stef also enjoys playing folk music, trance music, ritual music, pop songs, world music, jazz, and blues (the latter inspired by the fife & drum blues tradition of the American South).