International Pipe and Tabor Festival 2024

20th to 22nd Sep 2024 for the International Pipe and Tabor Festival with Spanish guest artist Juanma Sánchez main events, at the Folk in Gloucester ( a wonderful Tudor building). It’s possible something involving taborers might happen nearby, perhaps on 19th Sep.

A Pipe and Tabor Beginners’ Workshop slot can be pre-booked by contacting us, if you like you can choose Taborers Hunt the Squirrel, or something else from the Taborers Society Youtube.

Watch our pipeandtabor.org website as the outline programme evolves in a Taborers Team Super effort 🙂

The Taborers Session

Zoom Session (often a 2nd Sunday in a popular month 4pm-6pm UK time) Details/…

International Pipe and Tabor Festival 2023

FRIDAY 15th to SUNDAY 17th SEP 2023

Have fun with the Taborers in historic Grantham 15th – 17th September 2023 as our International Pipe and Tabor Festival features a Symposium, workshops, instruments, a Concert, and processing and performing with morris and early dance.
The programme is exciting, do let us know if you are coming!