Instrument Makers

This list of instrument makers is not exhaustive. If you know of other makers or suppliers or if you find that a link does not work, please let us know. Think about the context for the instrument you want, if in doubt discuss with other Taborers – they will be happy to help!

Tabor Pipe Makers

Mark Binns – wooden pipes – email

El Bock

Generation Tabor Pipes (including tabor pipe fingering charts in D and G)

Helen Leaf – tabor pipes, tabors, medieval triangles and bone flutes

Heinrich Köllner-Dives

Hungarian Folk Music

Barry Lloyd – email

Malvern Minstrelsy – wooden pipes

Terry Mann – Wooden pipes and early woodwind

Marie Hulsens – wooden pipes

Pipe Makers Union – Carbon fibre tabor pipes

Susato – plastic pipes

Yuri Terenyi – wooden pipes

Charles Wells – wooden pipes (no link – Charles has retired but will
service existing pipes)

Eugene Ilarionov – tabor pipes,recorders and bagpipes

Tabor Makers

Marcus Music – Bucknell Tabor – Taborers Society Youtube

Marcus Music – Bucknell Tabors   Tabors and sticks

Eckermann Drums