International Pipe and Tabor Festival 2019 – Stratford-Upon-Avon

Have fun with the Taborers in Stratford-Upon-Avon with the theme “The Bard, the Morris, the Dance”, as we explore pipe and tabor tunes linked to Shakespeare, morris linked to him and his locality, and dances of his period.We will be based in the 15th century White Swan with lovely period architecture and wall paintings, state of the art presentation equipment, and wooden dance floor (special rate to stay here quoting “Pipe and Tabor Festival”). We will perform in the beautiful Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare is buried, and in the town with Shakespeare Morris, great custodians of the local Bidford tradition. We will be inspired by Carles Mas, Catalan master of taboring and playing for dances of Shakespeare’s time, Ollie and Matt Simons, superb morris jig performers and taborers, and the wonderful Chuck Wilcox who will open our Symposium with a keynote speech.

Draft Programme