Festival Programme


Theme: “From an Old to a New World”

This year the festival is online using Zoom and YouTube.

IMPORTANT: -To attend using Zoom you MUST request Zoom meeting ids from your Chairman at 

(Japanese attendees should request Zoom ids from Atsufumi Ujiie)

Most events will be streamed live and interactive on our YouTube Channel.
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Friday 18th Sept 2:00 pm UK time


organised by Bill Tuck. Zoom & YouTube

LiveStream (interactive) on YouTube

Zoom – if you would like to attend click here to send a request.

Friday 18th Sept 7:00 pm UK time

Beginners’ Pipe and Tabor Workshop

Learn to play pipe and tabor with Andy Richards
Zoom only

Friday 18th Sept 9:00 pm UK time
YouTube (TBD) Concert of Concerts (Free)
Festival highlights from the archives – Presented by Stephen Rowley

Streamed live on YouTube

Saturday 19th Sept 10:15 am UK time (6:15 pm Japan time)
Taborers Hunt the Squirrel: World Premier Join-In Performance
(music is in Big Dub Tune Book ) Zoom & YouTube

Live stream on YouTube

Saturday 19th Sept 10:30 am UK time (6:30 pm Japan time)

Workshop “Fun learning morris jigs to pipe and tabor music” 

ZOOM and YouTube

Live Stream on YouTube

Have fun learning two dances from scratch, or play pipe and tabor muted, as Ollie Simons leads us in two jigs that work well solo or in processions:  

– Shepherds’ Hey (Brackley) – music – pre-recorded video: taborer Andy Richards, dancer Grace Williams.

– Glorishears (Bampton) – music – pre-recorded video: taborer Grace Williams, dancers Ollie and Matt Simons.

Also, if time, The Fool’s Jig (Bampton) will be briefly played – music pdf, mp3 – pre-recorded video: taborer Matt Simons, dancer Ollie Simons.

Atsufumi Ujiie will do very brief Japanese translations of the key points as Ollie Simons leads us in these fun dances.

Registrations for Zoom workshop

Japanese – Contact Atsufumi Ujiie
Rest of World – Contact Andy Richards

The session will be recorded to help future learners. Please note that in Zoom you can set your display name to a polite nickname if you wish. Your email address will not be revealed to others. 

Saturday 19th Sep 7:30 pm UK time
Grand Pipe and Tabor Concert (Free)
This will be streamed on Interactive YouTube Premiere in three parts. Click to go straight to the event.

     Tribute to Dick Bagwell
     Gez Pegram –  Over the Rainbow – English Clog Stepping     
Kathryn Wheeler – How d’you Do – a new tune for the Welsh folk dance Cylch y Cymry      Rob Tyson – Jamaica & Rufty Tufty
     Andy Richards, Pipe & Tabor and Dancer – Highland Mary (Oddington) Morris Jig
     Bill Tuck, Barbara Segal and Atsufuni Ujiie – Punchinello Goes to Gloucester
     Bill Tuck – In Memory of Paul “Wyndebagge” Saunders – Paul’s Samba – Join In

     Terry Carter – Tideswell Processional & Le Basque
      Gillian Guest – Cantigas 377 & 9      
Elizabeth Christina – Soldier’s Joy    
Sachi Yamaguchi – Gray’s Inn Mask (from Playford’s Dancing Master)〜Tom of Bedlam

     L’Eroica (Andrea Falconieri 1585/6-1656). performed by Trio DANGAN (Atsufumi Ujiie [Pipe and Tabor], Mie Itoh [Baroque Harp], & Marie Suga [Baroque Violin]
     Angel Vallverdu – “El Muerto Vivo”, composed by Pere Pubill Calaf “Peret”     
Taborer Jigsters Grace Williams Pipe & Tabor, Ollie & Matt Simons Dancers – Nutting Girl (Fieldtown)    
Alberto Jambrina Leal & Pablo Madrid –  Cherry-trees and Chestnut-trees
     André Gabriel – Le Paganini du galoubet (le galoubet du diable)    
Taborers Hunt the Squirrel – Join In

There will be a couple of opportunities to join in:
Paul’s Samba – PDF  Join In! In part I
Taborers Hunt the Squirrel – (music in Big Dub Tune Book ) Join In! Part III

Now added by popular demand –

Sunday 20th Sept 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm UK time
Taborers Society Play or Pass Session

Live interactive session for taborers to gather in the bar, chat and play tunes for each other.

Zoom & YouTube (Members Only)

Taborers Society members will be emailed the meeting id