Festival Symposium


From an Old to a New World

Friday 18th Sept 2:00 pm (UK time   UTC + 1)

Streamed live on Interactive YouTube

If you would like to participate on Zoom click here to email admin

2.00Stephen RowleyPlaying for Cotswold Morris (whatever did the old dead guys do for   us?) – A look at the way in which Kentworthy Schofield and Russell Wortley were influenced by the playing of source musicians.
2.50Gwilym DaviesAn Unknown Morris Tune?
3.30Andy RichardsEarly Jamestown Taboring – Merriment and Battling from an Old to a New World
4.00Bill TuckFrom the Mayflower to the Maypole of Merry-Mount: Puritan and Pilgrim attitudes toward traditional customs in the early 17th C
4.30Angel VallverduThe use of flabiol in the Giants of the city of Barcelona and its role in  supporting tradition. Does power matter?