The Taborers Session

Sessions are back!

At agreed dates emailed to members, an online session for TTS Members to get together, chat and play. Typically Sunday from 4 – 6pm UK time, sometimes 2nd Sunday of the month.  

Participate in Zoom.

The Zoom link is available here, and distributed via the TTS email and group discussion list.


Sunday 10th Mar Click here for the link

Time 4-6pm (UK time)


Most sessions we have a theme or a couple of tunes to add to our repertoire.

For Mar we have:

Bobby Shaftoe  TT5 page 3

Lavender’s Blue TT6 page 25

The Valentine – Fieldtown in this pdf

For Jan we have:

Again from the Dec PDF Quand Hiver by Colin Muset MP3,  plus a couple from the draft Winter Warmer list – Buffens and Argiers.

For Dec we have:

Past Three O’Clock MP3, Quand Hiver by Colin Muset MP3, O Hannukah MP3 and El Noi de la Mare MP3, PDF of all.

For Nov we have:

Death and the Lady tune for the Gunpowder Plot (and other ballads) PDF MIDI MP3
Fireworks La Rejouissance by Handel – TT6 p62

For May we have:

  1. British Grenadiers – TT6 p29
  2. Bower Processional – TT6 p47
  3. Now Is the Month of Maying – TT2 p8
  4. Morris Call TT3 p34 USE THE ALTERNATIVE “A” MUSIC (line 4&5 followed by B music in line 2 & 3)  play on D pipe
  5. Morris Call TT3   p34  WHOLE OF THE G MAJ VERSION (lines 1,2 & 3) play on G pipe

For April we have:

Argiers and All in a Garden Green

For March we have:

1. Cantiga CSM 119 TT1 page 10

2. Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer TT6 page 26 for St David’s Day

3.(reserve) Cockles and Mussels TT6 page 27 for St Patrick’s Day

For February we have:

Room for the Cuckolds Bucknell

Black Nag

Banbury Bill Bampton

For January we have:

Gathering Peascods

Half Hannikin

Sellinger’s Round by William Byrd 

Glorishears Bampton (also on Youtube)

For December we have:

From Elizabeth Christina –
Chilly chilly Winter play on a G pipe using this D pipe fingering
Hey Ho and a soulin

From Terry Carter’s Taborer’s Treasury Volume 6:

(P=Page:   K= Key:   S=Starting note)

  1. Il est ne le divin Enfant  P2 K=G maj   S=Low D
  2. Ding Dong Merrily on High  P4  K=G maj  S=G
  3. God Rest Ye Merry  P5    K=E minor  S=E
  4. Infant Holy  P7  K=G maj  S=Low D
  5. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel   P 10   K=E minor    S=E
  6. Sussex Carol   P 13    K G maajor   S=High D
  7. Jingle Bells     P8   K G major   S=Low D
  8. We Wish You a Merry Christmas     P 17   K= G maj   S=Low D

For November we have:

  • “Old Tom of Oxford “(BAMPTON JIG ) TT3 page 7 (mp3)
  • “Hunting the Squirrel “(HEADINGTON) in key of D MAJOR  TT3 page 19    (Not to be confused with “Hunt The Squirrel” Playford TT2 page 16) (mp3)
  • “Argeers” (PLAYFORD) TT2 page 13 (mp3)

For Summer we have our Festival tunes plus any emailed on our Google Group.

For May we have TT4 Red House, Ukrainian National Anthem, and TT6 When the Saints.

For April we have TT6 Sumer is Icumen In, British Grenadiers, and Hot Cross Buns.

For March Taborers proposed Carnival and banishing Winter

For February Taborers proposed Taborers Treasury 6:

Gong Xi   p 42
Happy New Year Chinese(Clementine)  p43
Le Roi d’Yvetot  p 24
Lavender’s Blue  p 25

For January Taborers proposed Winter and Plough Monday.

Taborer’s Treasury vol 6 – 12 Days of Christmas , Auld Lang Syne, and Noel Nouvelet p. 10

For December Taborers proposed Christmas and Midwinter.

Carols While Shepherds, O Xmas Tree, We Wish You a Merry Xmas.

For November Taborers proposed Morris (Taborer’s Treasury vol 3), including these:

Bledington: Idbury Hill

Bucknell: Saturday Night

Fieldtown: The Rose

Headington: Blue Eyed Stranger

Lichfield: Ring O’Bells

Sherborne: Cuckoo’s Nest, Monks’ March

For October Terry has proposed the following:

English Pavan & Galliard & Branle (Gervaise) (Download PDF)

English Pavan & Galliard mp3

Branle (Gervaise) mp3

Paso el Agoa mp3

June Featured Tunes – Maritime Music.

Here are some suggested tunes that we can play together.

What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor

Drunken SailorPDFMP3Video
Row Yer BoatPDFMP3Video
Rule BritanniaPDFMP3Video

We are also working on a project to make our own TikTok response to the famous Wellerman video.

The WellermanTune

January-April 2021 we selected tunes from The Taborers’ Treasury. These tunebooks have been compiled by Terry Carter. You can purchase the books from Terry in our Book Store
We will also choose a couple of easy ‘Big Dub’ tunes that everyone can join in with.

May Featured Tunes From Taborers Treasury Vol.4 (Potpourri)



April featured tunes From Taborers Treasury Vol.3 (Morris)

The Abnalls (Lichfield) p26

Shepherd’s Hey “Signposts” (Fieldtown) p18

PDF and mp3 files for both of these are on our Morris Repertoire page

March featured tunes From Taborers Treasury Vol.2

Ly Bens Distonys PDF MP3 Dmaj vers. p10

Schiarazula Marazula PDF MP3 p4

February featured tunes: From Taborers Treasury Vol.1