Procession Tunes

Festival Procession Tunes

The tunes that we use for processions at the International Pipe and Tabor Festival increase each year as we add to the repertoire.  Use the Big Dub Tune book as a starting point.

Likely at IPATF 2019:

Bluff King Hal Morris dance tune Morris Ring Site

Jog On

Nonesuch & Idbury Hill *      MP3   MP3 (slow)

Vandals of Hammerwich *    PDF    MID

Big Dub Tune Book

  • Queen’s Delight *
  • Pasacalles de Phil Day *
  • Hunt the Squirrel *
  • Edi Beo Thu *

Other ones we have had fun with :

Kemp’s Jig & Half Hannikin & Jenny Pluck Pears * Kemp’s Jig – Half Hannikin – Jenny Pluck Pears

The Jig of the Left Handed Viking *   PDF   MP3   MP3 (slow)

Comical Fellow PDF  Video

Gloucester Processional  PDF  MP3 This is a new tune, with various arrangements, but for the time being just learn the basic tune upto mark A.

*Asterisked ones in this list were likely to be used in 2016